Odoo ERP - أودو برنامج ادارة موارد الشركات

تطبيقات ادارة وتخطيط موارد الشركات (ERP): هي مجموعه من التطبيقات المترابطه معا التي تخدم كافه قطاعات الشركات الدخلية، والتي تقوم بحفظ كافه معلوماتها في قاعدة بيانات واحدة .

وهي تسمح بإتمته كافه العمليات والوظائف بين الادارات المختللفه، مثل إدارة علاقات العملاء والادارة المالية والتحصيلات. مما يساعد متخذ القرار في اتخاد القرار الصائب تجاه كافه التحديات اليومية.

ان ديجيزلا  شريك رسمي معتمد من اودو العالمية

What is Odoo?


Odoo is a comprehensive suite of business applications forming a solid based ERP system.

Odoo strategy is based on that “business software should cover complex needs without being complicated”. And we consider Odoo one of the easiest software for business to use.

It is not only an easy to use software, being open source makes Odoo also highly flexible and can be tailored to fit your company’s specific business requirements.

In spite of the high business value, flexibility and being user friendly, Odoo is considered a budget friendly ERP and have a high ROI rate.

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  • Odoo

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What can you use Odoo for ?Odoo Modules

Odoo is very flexible to adapt to any industry complex needs whether by implementing custom modules or using the ready made modules such as

CRM and Sales

Odoo covers the whole sales cycle starting from leads and ending to sales orders and invoicing


Odoo covers all financial and accounting divisions and requirements with great flexibility and localization options that almost no other system can compete.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse management is handled in a very smart way where management can know at any given time the status, location and history of every single item.

Purchase Management

Full procurement cycle and work flow integrated with other modules.

Project Management

You can create multiple projects and assign tasks to your organization employees with a simple drag and drop technique.

Human Resources

Oversee and manage your most valuable asset “employees”.

Fleet Management

Manage your vehicles, contracts, fuel, service, drivers, spare parts …..etc.

Point of Sale

Odoo’s online Point of Sale app is based on a simple, user friendly interface that everyone can use without difficulty.

Manufacturing Resource Planning

A modern solution to an old problem.

We can customize Odoo to match any of your dreams and code it into integrated Odoo module!
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